Who We Are?

Our vision

Centre for excellence

Our mission

To create a nurturing environment by focusing on the development of three domains of learning to achieve excellence in modern education for modern Bhutan.

Our Goals

  • Teach our age old traditions and customs as to foster better understanding of our country
  • Provide wholesome education as to enable children to grow up to be responsible and productive citizens
  • Provide an environment of learning which fosters creativity, innovation and invention among our children

Our Core Values

We believe in:

About the community

Panbang is a small community in the southern part of the Panbang Dungkhag under Zhemgang Dzongkhag. Most of the happy settlement is located above the Drangme Chhu which is one of the tributaries of Bhutan’s biggest river system – Manas River.

The community received its first school in 1979 at the heart of its settlement. It was a primary school then but was later upgraded to a Lower Secondary School. In 2009, the community received its second school, a Middle Secondary School, in Thinleygang. It is located approximately four kilometres away from the Panbang town.

About the school

It was only in 2019, the school was upgraded to Higher Secondary School. It now offers Arts and Commerce streams to nearly 200 students.

The introduction of new school helped to boost the student admission to schools and has also helped in increasing the number of students completing middle and now high schools.