academic committee

The Academic Committee looks after the academic affairs of the school. The Academic Committee provides strong academic leadership by leading, managing, and developing the Subject Department System to ensure to achieve the highest possible standards of excellence in all the subjects.

academic committee is committed to

  • Strive to promote an enthusiasm for academic study.
  •  Ensure that no classes are left without a teacher.
  • Monitor the quality of teaching in the department and to ensure that it is of the highest possible standard.
  • Keep accurate records of all expenditures made for the activities conducted for academic purposes.
  • Keep well-ordered files and records of academic documents including the minutes of the meeting.
  • Provide strategic direction of the school/department and the implementation of change;
  • Provide academic leadership of the school/department which will include responsibility for the management, development, and quality of the school/department’s teaching, research and student support services towards academic excellence.
  • Encourage excellence in teaching, learning, research, and professional activities; encourage collaboration with other schools /departments and academic units as appropriate. 

the teaching-learning cycle