Basic Drills

Aim: Fostering team spirit and imparting values and skills
Objective: at the end of session scouts should be able to know
• Keyjur (Stand at ease)
• Dremtoen (Attention)
•Threp (Alert)
•Kertey (Relax)
•Youngter (Disperse)
Participants: Sonamthang Nazhoen Scouts, scout leaders and Principal


•Education goes far beyond the four walls of the classroom. The mission of the scouting is to contribute to the education of young people through a value based of the scout promise and law, to build a better world and to play a constructive role in a society.
•Today Sonamthang Nazhoen Scouts took part in learning basic drills though it’s drizzling. •The session was graced by Principal. His opening remarks include significance of drills and its scope, even shared his experience of desuup training.
•At first Scout leaders demonstrated basic steps in scout drills then they decentralize the power to platoon leaders. Under the supervision of the platoon leader the scouts practiced drills. It was observed that the scouts were practicing it with higher josh. Though wetted their clothes, dirtied their shoes and exhausted still observed stamping their feet with full energy on the ground.