BOARDS AND committEes of the school


The policies and procedures are essentially the governing documents by which the schools are operated. They are a set of expectations that all constituents within the school are held accountable by. They govern the day-to-day occurrences of the school. This document offers the guidelines as to how the administration believes that its school should run. It should come into play every single day.

In order to accomplish the very sacred and vital responsibilities bestowed upon the school by the parents and the government, the policies were planned involving various stakeholders and of course prepared by each member of staff in relation to the tasks and responsibilities assigned to him / her with the specific aims and objectives. The policies would guide the school in carrying out the tasks of the school and to have effective administration to achieve greater success. This document consists variety of areas where employees’ responsibilities are delegated towards achieving the set vision.  It is meant to channel staff to ensure that there is a positive sense of direction and purpose in the school. Therefore, this policy document ensures to promote a better functioning of the school as demanded by the policies of the ministry of education. However, it is essential that the policies and procedures be current and up-to-date. It shall be reviewed and revised as necessary and new policies and procedures shall be written as needed.

board and committees

  • School Management Board
  • School Management Team
  • School HR Committee
  • School Admission Committee
  • School Mess Committee
  • School Discipline Management Committee
  • School Co-curricular Committee
  • School Finance and Procurement Committee
  • Meetings and Celebration Committee
  • Management Committee for(School Property for Boarders and Student Property for all students)
  • Reward and Recognition Committee
  • Committee for Review and Report (R & R)
  • Research Unit

school management board (smb)

The 9th Quarterly Education Policy Guidelines and Instructions (1992) and in particular, Operational Guidelines for Central School (2016) mandate Central Schools to instate a body which governs the overall policy matter of the school and promote community participation and decentralized management of the school. Every Central School is required by the policy to form the School Management Board to help facilitate better school governance. It is the immediate governing body of the central school. This body shall be the highest decision making body to whom the school shall be accountable. 

school management team (smt)

The school shall constitute a Management Team that would execute the decision taken by SMB and ensure smooth functioning of the school. The SMT is the main executive body and therefore, it shall be widely represented, take collective decision and promote team work. The Principal shall be the chairperson of SMT and it shall report the progress of the school to SMB. The team shall also propose rectification of the policy to SMB. The SMT shall meet at least twice a year or any time when the situation demands.

other important committees

HR Committee

The school shall have HR policy put into place. The School HR policy shall be developed in line with all HR policies of concern agencies and of course which are related to school business.

Mess Committee

The school shall have school mess policy put into place. The Mess Committee shall be instituted: 1. To ensure that there isn’t any...

Co-curricular Committee

The school shall have comprehensive policy to ensure that the Co- curricular activities are carried out meaningfully. The policy may be reviewed and updated accordingly.

Admission Committee

The Constitution guarantees provision of free education to all the children. The school shall have school admission policy...

Discipline management Committee

The School should be safe, secure and a comfortable learning Centre. For this purpose ...

/tender committee

This committee is formed mainly to manage school finance and to ensure that there is...

Meetings & Celebration Committee

Staff and students in schools meet for many occasions. They meet to discuss issues, to improve communication...

Reward and Recognition Committee

The school shall institute Reward and Recognition Committee to recognize dedicated...

Management Commitee for (School property...)

The Central School students are provided with almost all the required goods. Based on the...

Committee for Review and Report

The Operational Guidelines for Central School, 2016, guides the autonomous schools to publish annual...

Research Unit

High quality teaching is now widely acknowledged to be the most important school-level factor influencing student achievement. Not only the research makes contribution to high quality teachers, teachers’ continuing professional development and to school improvement, it also asks how different teacher education systems currently engages with research and what international evidence there is that links research and teacher education is effective.