Remedial for low achiever students

Following are remedial measures put in place for low achiever students

Reading for low achiever students

The respective class teachers identified the low achiever student base on the mid term result and submitted to the academic head. The academic head allocated a room for them to read on every Saturday. To make reading more productive and enriching, the support staff were involved in monitoring the program.

The reading is considered as one of the key component in the learning process, hence school felt the need in implementing the reading program for them. Once the reading has become a part of their daily activities it is expected that their learning will surely excel.


Extra Class

The Academic head initiated extra classes for class X and XII. More priorities and emphasis are shrined on them since they will be seating for board exam. The school academic performance ranking in national level depends on their performances, hence the school focus more on their learning.

The extra classes are conducted every Saturday third and fourth period. The school academic head prepared the schedule and informed to respective subject teachers.

The objectives of conducting extra class are to:

  • enhance their learning in the subject
  • uplift the school academic performance 


Unit test

Testing is a part of learning, and lets students “show what they know” and what they can do. Tests results show student strengths. You will learn what subject areas your student excels in. Tests results show student weaknesses.

Unit test in the school is conducted to evaluate their learning in the subject. It  provides clear feedback to the subject teacher on how much the learners has comprehended.Base on that it helps tutors to plan the lessons as per the needs of the learners.

In school conducting unit test is considered as one of the remedial activities to upscale the academic performances.

The school conducts Unit test every Monday and  Saturday during first period. The school exam  coordinators helps in conducting the exam in fair and just manner.

Library and IT facilities

To explore beyond the classroom teaching and learning, the facilities like Library and IT are put in place. Every after seventh period for one or two hours duration facilities are provided to low achiever students. The objectives of  providing this facilities are to uplift their learning and institute in them that best way of learning is by ‘Self explore’.

To see how they are using the facilities, the academic head monitors and provided feedback and do necessary follow up to make the optimum use of these facilities.


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