Dzonkghka Short Story Telling Competition (Junior

Theme: Enhance the speaking skill

Program Conductor: Lop Rinchen Tshering

Master of Ceremonies: Yeshi Wangchuk, XII Com

The first ever literary activity for academic year 2021 was commenced on Wednesday, 14th
April, 2021. The Junior Category (i.e., Class VII, VIII and IX) Story Telling
Competition was held with the aim to enhance speaking skills (Communication
Skills) in students. There were two participants: A boy and a girl from every

The Program unfolded with short address from Non-Academic Head (Vice Principal, Mr. Chimi Dorji). He emphasized that Co-curricular activities are equally important as Academic for co-curricular activities in the school will test the practical aspects of what students have learnt in the classroom. The Non-Academic Head also urged every student to take part in various non-academic programs to boost individual’s confident, to discover their talents and to further develop communication skills.

The students have narrated various folktales and fictional stories with live related themes to impress the gathering. The program was indeed enthralling as most of the students have narrated the story with good voice modulation, facial expressions and with little taste of humor too.