Staff and students in schools meet on many occasions. They meet to discuss issues, to improve communication, to promote coordination, or to deal with any matters that are put on the agenda, and to help get any jobs done.  Besides school culture put into practice, celebrations enable people to have a good time and demonstrate what is important to them and their culture.

In addition to the academic schedule, the school is indeed packed with many types of celebrations. While the school has its own scheduled meetings and celebrations it also observes local holidays.  The school also joins the nation to celebrate both national holidays and international days.

The following members constitute the Meetings and Celebration Committee:

Sl. No. Who? As what? Term Remarks
1 Non-Academic Head Chairperson Permanent By default
2 Chief Mess Coordinator Dy. Chairperson Permanent By default
3 Sr. Teacher Focal Person 2 years  
3 Games & Sports Coordinator Member Permanent By default
4 Driglam & Cultural Coordinator Member Permanent By default
5 Award Ceremony Coordinator Member Permanent By default
6 Democracy Club Coordinator Member Permanent By Default
7 Concern Coordinators Member Permanent By default

Roles and Responsibilities of the Meetings and Celebration Committee:

  1. Develop School Meetings and Celebration policy.
  2. Review, revisit, and update policy accordingly.
  3. Prepare an action plan for meetings and celebrations.
  4. Propose for celebration budget.
  5. Ensure to coordinate celebrations effectively.
  6. Ensure to prepare and compile celebration reports. (Provide pictorial evidence report with attached program list).
  7. Submit the authentic bills to the office along with (incurred expenditure statements).