Pastoral care

School children come from diverse backgrounds. Every child shall have his / her own story to narrate. Pastoral care comprises the range of support services that are provided for students’ emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. Apart from other categories of emotions, today’s children suffer from pain, loss anxiety, triumphs, joys and victories. It is here that a child requires emotional, psychological and spiritual support. The relationship between academic achievement and resilience in dealing with student’s personal issues is taken care well and a timely support in dealing with the problems of everyday life is also considered and looked at critically. 


  • Develop comprehensive Policy on Pastoral Care Services
  • Review, revisit and update policy as and when needed.
  • Ensure that the counselling services are provided timely by the school counsellors, and teacher counsellors, and student leader counsellors.
  • Ensure that every child is free from all forms of bullies and gang fights.
  • Ensure that no form of Corporal Punishment is being practiced in school.
  • Ensure that the school is a “Child-friendly School”.
  • Ensure that every child is leaving school without fear and worry.
  • Monitor health and hygiene practices of the school.
  • Review and update student ‘Semso’ Policy and guidelines.


  • Coordinate and manage to render ‘Semso’ to the students on time.
  • Conduct regular meetings with the members of the team.
  • Collect and compile action plans from all the members of Pastoral Care / SSS team.
  • Map the pastoral care resources.
  • Prepare comprehensive plans and schedules engaging whole members of the school community as providers of pastoral care.
  • Plan activities which ensure betterment of pastoral care services.
  • Provide awareness program on pastoral care to school community.
  • Advise the members of the team whenever necessary to ensure effective delivery of the duty.
  • Ensure all senior students to do their best to protect primary children from harm and neglect.
  • Maintain proper documents of all activities meant for pastoral care services.

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