High-quality teaching is now widely acknowledged to be the most important school-level factor influencing student achievement. Not only the research contributes to high-quality teachers, teachers’ continuing professional development, and school improvement, it also asks how different teacher education systems currently engage with research and what international evidence there is that links research and teacher education is effective.

The School’s Research Unit delivers school level professional research support services towards enhancing the professional development and performance of every teacher. The unit works closely with teacher colleagues and school managers to address some of the challenges through findings from the research works.

This unit is meant to ensure that the school is a premier scholarly resource for excellence in research management, administration, and development of the profession.

The following members constitute members of the Research Unit:

Sl. No. Who? As what? Term Remarks
1 Sr. Teacher Head of the Unit Research (Read, interview, analyze, and write).
2 Sr. Teacher Asst. Head Researcher
3 Teacher Researcher
4 Teacher Researcher
5 Teacher Researcher
5 Teacher Researcher

Roles and Responsibilities of the Research Unit:

  1. Develop a policy in which the unit shall focus the research to benefit the school, its children, and staff at all times to come.
  2. Review, revisit, and update policy as and when necessary.
  3. Ensure that the research work is focused on the professional development of teachers.
  4. Motivate teacher colleagues to conduct action research.
  5. Ensure that teacher colleagues/students do or participate in action research on any topic of the subject they teach.
  6. Help and provide professional support to teachers and students in conducting case studies.
  7. The Research unit shall advise the School Academic unit about its research findings and suggest all possible means to enhance the performance of the teacher and students.
  8. Provide reading materials to teacher colleagues and students.