The Constitution guarantees the provision of free education to all children. The school shall have a school admission policy developed in line with the Admission Policy developed by the Ministry of Education and Central School Operational Guidelines, 2016. This policy shall give a comprehensive guideline to the School Admission Committee on admission procedures so that the access, retention, and completion of studies of the students are enhanced. It is expected that the School Admission Committee would use the wisdom to implement the guidelines appropriately.

The Admission Committee is instituted to ensure a fair and smooth admission process. The committee shall look into Admission of Transferred Students referring to guidelines set by MoE (EPGI-2012) as mentioned below:

  1. Either both or one of the parents shall be a Bhutanese citizen. The parent(s) shall produce a Citizenship Identity Card or a letter of certification from MoHCA;
  2. A non-Bhutanese Child (of legal non-Bhutanese residents who have been authorized to bring their families along) seeking admission into a school in Bhutan shall produce the work permit of the parent(s), relevant documents from the Department of Immigration, and a letter from the employer;
  3. Priority shall be given to the children of inhabitants of the immediate locality/gewog and the direct children of government employees and employees of the business community;
  4. Parents seeking admission for their adopted children shall produce a court certificate as proof of adoption;
  5. Students on transfer shall produce transfer certificate, examination results and character certificate and health record, and other related file/ records while seeking admission;
  6. Admission of students on the transfer of parents may be considered looking at the number of days and months left for the academic year to complete;
  7. Transferred students include students whose parents are on transfer and students seeking admission on request case.
  8. Students seeking admission on request case shall produce an authentication letter from the principal of the previous school and from Gup depending on cases the child or parent has.

The following members constitute the Admission Committee:

Sl. No. Who? As what? Term  Roles
1 Principal  or V. Principal in absence of Principal Chairperson Permanent To chair the admission procedure
2 Gup / Mangmi / Tshogpa Dy. Chairperson Permanent Meant for Request cases forwarded by Gewog Administration
3 Head, Pastoral Care Member Permanent Verify the documents
4 Discipline Management Coordinator Member Permanent Compile undertaking letters
5 Health In-charge Member Permanent Collect health handbook
6 SDF In-charge Member Permanent Collect SDF / fees
7 Warden / Member Permanent Register and enter the details in the admission register in hard copy
8  Matron Member Permanent
9 ADM Member Permanent Compile the admission documents and maintain them in both hard and soft copy

Roles and responsibilities of the Admission Committee:

  1. Review, revisit, and update school admission policy and guidelines.
  2. The committee should schedule admission time. (Opening and closing date of admission).
  3. Always refer to Central School Operation Guidelines, 2016.
  4. Study classroom and hostel capacity beforehand while considering border admission.
  5. Develop selection criteria form for students seeking admission (Request case).
  6. The committee should fill in accurate information/details of the student in the admission register.
  7. Refer to guidelines or instructions from school management if any.
  8. Always seek advice from the Principal and Vice-Principal during complex issues.
  9. The decisions of the admission committee shall be final and binding. No new admission will be entertained after the closing date of admission unless there are (parents) transferred in cases.