This committee is formed mainly to manage school finance and to ensure that there are efficient procurement procedures. The school shall have a comprehensive policy on the use of school budget finance management, accounts, and internal auditing and reporting system.

This committee shall mainly focus on the following two categories:

  1. School Accounts and Financial Management.
  2. Procurement and Tendering Procedures.

The following members constitute the School Finance and Procurement Committee:

Sl. No. Who? As what? Term Remarks
1 V. Principal Chairperson Permanent By default
2 Assistant Principal (Lower Campus) Dy. Chairperson Permanent By default
3 Procurement Coordinator Member

(Dealing Person)

Permanent By default
4 Finance Coordinator Member

(Dealing Person)

Permanent By default
5 Accountant Member Permanent By default
6 Internal Auditor Member Permanent By default
7 Chief Mess Coordinator Member Permanent By default
8 Store In-charge Member Permanent By default
9 Lib. Asst. Member Permanent By default
10 Warden / Matron Member Permanent By Default
11 ADM. Asst. Member Permanent By default

Roles and Responsibilities of the School Finance and Procurement Committee:

  1. Develop School Finance Management and Procurement Policy/guidelines in line with the Operational Guidelines for Central School, 2016.
  2. Review, revisit, and update policy accordingly.
  3. Prepare a budget proposal for the next fiscal year.
  4. Prepare tender documents in line with Procurement Rules and Regulations, 2009
  5. Prepare a budget utilization plan for the approved budget.
  6. Ensure to form Opening Committee, Evaluation Committee, and Award Committee as mandated by PRR, 2009.
  7. Ensure that the approved budget is used judiciously.
  8. Verify the received goods and bills.
  9. Read and comprehend procurement norms / financial rules.
  10. Prepare and place supply orders and maintain necessary records.
  11. Upon the approval of SMT, make necessary procurement of goods
  12. To ensure all documentation is accurately completed.
  13. Seek clarification from suppliers/service providers where necessary.
  14. Ensuring proportionality, transparency, accountability, and fairness in the procurement process.
  15. The Committee shall make a comprehensive presentation on the use of the school budget (budget utilization plan) to the school at least twice a year.
  16. The committee is always answerable about the use of school budget to all concerned stakeholders (SMT/SMB/ Drungkhag/ Dzongkhag/ Ministry/ Royal Audit Authority
  17. Involvement in the evaluation discussion.
  18. Ensuring all necessary procurement procedures are properly followed.
  19. Ensure samples are available for review if relevant and are returned to all unsuccessful bidders.