The school shall have an HR policy put into place. The School HR policy shall be developed in line with all HR policies of concerned agencies and of course which are related to school business.

The following members constitute the Human Resource Committee: 

Sl. No. Who? As what? Term Remarks
1 Principal Chairperson Permanent By default
2 V. Principal Dy. Chairperson Permanent By default
3 Staff Secretary HR Dealing Person Permanent By default
4 ADM Asst. Member Permanent By default
5 Concern SMT member Member Permanent By default
6 Discipline Management Coordinator Member Only discipline issues
7 Student Leaders Members If there are issues with students
8 Concern chiefs Member When issue arises

 Roles and Responsibilities of the HR Committee:

  1. To see that the school has enough human resources.
  2. Review and update the school HR Policy
  3. Shall always refer to HR Policy and shall comply with HR Policy while
  4. making nominations for training/workshops or studies.
  5. dealing with discipline issues (both students and staff).
  6. recommending transfer proposals.
  7. Nominate competent persons for workshops/training/studies based on the set criteria.
  8. To select and appoint house masters / In-charges based on the set criteria.
  9. Provide professional support to new members.
  10. Identify potential persons.
  11. To appoint school leaders
  12. Work on promoting professionalism.
  13. To see that the deserving people are rewarded by nominating, recommending for headship, training, workshops, and further studies.
  14. Recommend even for out of turn and meritorious promotions.