The school shall constitute a Management Team that would execute the decision taken by SMB and ensure smooth functioning of the school. The SMT is the main executive body and therefore, it shall be widely represented, take a collective decision, and promote teamwork. The Principal shall be the chairperson of SMT and it shall report the progress of the school to SMB. The team shall also propose a rectification of the policy to SMB. The SMT shall meet at least twice a year or any time when the situation demands.

The following members constitute the SMT:

Sl. No. Who? As what? Term Remarks
1 Principal Chairperson Permanent By default
2 V. Principal(s) Dy. Chairperson Permanent By default
3 Staff Secretary Secretary Permanent By default
4 Academic Head Member Permanent By default (Core Member)
5 Non-Academic Head Member Permanent By default (Core Member)
6 Pastoral (SSS) Member Permanent By default (Core Member)
7 Accountant Member Permanent By default
8 ADM Member Permanent By default
9 Student Representatives Member 1 year By default Head boy & Head girl

Roles and responsibilities (SMT) / ACCOUNTABILITY OF THE (SMT)

  1. Apprise the SMB and the staff of the government’s policy.
  2. Read and comprehend the financial guidelines.
  3. Study the approved school budget statement (under each budget head).
  4. Estimate budget and submit to the SMB for approval.
  5. Take decisions on matters that affect day to day functioning of the school.
  6. Approve purchase bills and memos.
  7. Oversee the overall performance of the school.
  8. Review and appraise the school policies.
  9. The school will call an SMT conference as per the need.
  10. The School Management Team will seek approval routing through the proper channel to carry out the work pertaining to school maintenance and improvement.
  11. Assess the performance of staff and provide feedback for improvements.
  12. Institute school level committees to coordinate the implementation of the program.
  13. Set goals to implement the policies and plan.
  14. Implement school programs and activities.
  15. Form committees and assign tasks with well-defined job descriptions.
  16. Plan and carry out school-level performance monitoring.
  17. Manage situational crises or emergencies in the school.
  18. Monitors, Evaluate programs, and provide support service.