The school shall have a school mess policy put into place.

The Mess Committee shall be instituted:

  1. To ensure that there aren’t any lapses which result in school mess issue.
  2. For the smooth functioning of the school mess.
  3. To provide quality food to students as per the prepared menu.

The following members constitute the Mess Committee:

Sl. No. Who? As what? Term Remarks
1 Head, Pastoral Care Chairperson Permanent By default
2 Chief Mess Coordinator Dy. Chairperson Permanent

(Dealing Person)

By default
3 Warden Mess In-charge Permanent By default
4 Matron Member Permanent By default
5 Sr. teacher Member 1 year
6 Head cook Member Permanent By default
7 School Captains Member 1 year By default
8 Mess captains Member 1 year By default

Roles and responsibilities of the Mess Committee:

  1. Develop school mess policy/guidelines.
  2. Revisit, review, and update mess policy if necessary or upon the advice of SMT/SMB/ School authorities.
  3. Prepare supply orders for firewood and mess items.
  4. Maintain goods receive and issue register.
  5. Compile all bills for future records and auditing purposes.
  6. Approve monthly school menu for the mess.
  7. Approve monthly purchase of groceries.
  8. Decide and approve any mess related issues.
  9. Make physical verifications of the received mess items.
  10. The committee is accountable for any issues related to the school mess.
  11. The committee shall inform school authorities during complex issues without delay.
  12. The committee is responsible for the preparation of the Bidding Document for the Annual Mess and Fuelwood Quotation and submit it to the school Procurement section on or before time.
  13. The committee shall meet once a month and submit a report to the school office.