Note: This notification was issued on January 27, 2021.

As per the directive from the Ministry of Education and subsequent committee meeting resolution dated 25th January 2021, the school is pleased to notify all the students and parents of eight Gewogs under Zhemgang Dzongkhag on the school reporting date and necessary requirement for the individual students while reporting to school.

1. Reporting date

Sl. No.


Reporting Date and Time



1. VII, VIII, and IX 21st March 2021 at 10:00 AM 22nd March 2021 at 8:00 AM
2. X and XII 31st March 2021 at 10:00 AM 1st April 2021 at 8:00 AM

2. The general requirement for the students for the academic year 2021

Sl. No. Items Quantity Remarks
1. Uniform 1set
2. School shoe (black) 1 pair
3. School socks(black) 2 pair
4. Rachu/Kabney 1 no.
5. Bata slipper 1 pair
6. Face mask 2 pair Washable

3. Stationeries (notebook) requirement for the academic year 2021


Sl. No. Class Notebook type Quantity Total quantity
1. VII and VIII Rule 5 7
Plain 1
Science practical 1
2. IX and X Rule 6 10
Plain 1
Science Practical 3
3. Commerce Rule 5 7
Plain 1
Long exercise book 1
4. Arts Rule 6 7
Plain 1
Long exercise 0
All the students must bring a geometry set and other necessary stationeries

4. Documents requirement of Class VII Admission

Sl. No. Documents
1. School Leaving Certificate
2. Mark Sheet
3. Health Book
4. CID detail from Gewog Center office
5. Personal file for Gyalpo’s Tozey

5. Additional requirement for Boarder students

Sl. No. Items Quantity Remark
1. Blanket 1
2. Pillow 1
3. Bed Sheet 2
4. Pillow cover 2
5. Bucket/jug 1 each
6. Sickle 1
7. Hard broom 1
8. Soft broom 1
9. Plate 1
10. Mug 1
11. soap 12
12. Toothpaste (large) 3

6. SDF collection

Sl. No.


School Fee Amount




1. VII 280 235 Admission fee included
2. VIII 250 205
3. IX, X & XII 350 305
4. XI 380 335 Admission fee included

School requests parents and students to manage all the aforementioned items before reporting to the school. Prohibited things like pickles, perishable homemade food, and electronic gadgets like Mobile phones, laptops, and tablets will not be allowed while entering the school gate. And at the time of entering the school campus, students must come with a proper haircut (without any hair coloring) and follow strict COVID 19 protocol.

The school wishes to see you all in good health, till then stay safe by following social distancing and wearing a face mask. For further queries, contact 17557135/17150885/17316368/17340928.


The school regrets to inform parents and students that there is a slight change in the earlier notification issued by school administration dated 27th January 2021. Today morning, the school received a written directive from the Ministry of Education stating that the students will be provided with stationery by the government like in the past years. Therefore, students are requested not to buy stationery as mentioned in the earlier notification for the academic year 2021. Except for stationary, other information and a list of requirement reflection in the earlier notification will remain valid.

This notice was issued on February 1, 2021.