Staff of Sonamthang CS attended workshop on Digital Literacy

The teachers and supporting staffs of Sonamthang Central School have attended two days (i.e., 21-03-2022 to 22-03-2022) long workshop on Digital Literacy and Google

Apps organized by the Dzongkhag ICT Officer Mr. Mohan Subba and SCS IT Teachers. The main objective of the workshop is to assist the teachers in integrating ICT in their teaching and learning process and to infuse basic ICT literacy.  During two days of training the resource persons have highlighted on the following concepts:

1. Basic Computer Fundamentals and Network Troubleshooting

2. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel & PowerPoint)

3. Online Security and Social Media etiquettes

4. Google Workspace / Suite

5. G2C Services

The participants have found the workshop enriching and convincing and the session ended with a group photo to capture glimpse of our two days learning and sharing.