The School organized School Based Parents Awareness program

With the recent surge of students getting in conflict with the law in the capital city that was deeply concerning and alarming, the Sonamthang Central School has organized School Based Parents Awareness Program on 8th July 2022 with the students’ parents on school information, academic issues and importantly executive notification on the students coming in conflict of laws. The principal, Academic Head and School Counselor unanimously requested parents to take crucial role in molding their child with positive discipline techniques and help them grow academically and wholesomely. 

Later in the afternoon, School has requested Drungkhag’s Police Officer Commander to advocate on different offences and its penalties. This was done to follow up the notification from Secretariat Office, Ministry of Education (Letter No. MoE-DSE/SHND/Health (06) 2022/43) to prevent and crub such incidences.